Ready Maids Policies

Please read through our terms and conditions prior to booking your clean! 


“Clean Ready” conditions that allow the cleaning techs to enter the home to provide a proper clean.
Organize Moving items in the home to their proper place in order to clean the space that has been cleared.
Standard Clean General maintenance clean which consists of dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping of general horizontal surfaces and most vertical surfaces.
Deep Standard Clean More extensive level of cleaning in harder to reach areas outside of the Standard Clean.
Extras Feature on booking page that is added to the clean since those are items not covered by the Standard Clean.
Work Order Booking printout or email sent to the cleaning technicians. This is the outline the cleaners will be instructed to use to serve our clients on the day of the clean.

Clients can provide supplies if they are more comfortable with the use of their personal products.
Credit Card is the only method of payment for residential cleaning services rendered by Ready Maids Cleaning Services Inc. We do not accept cash or check so please ensure we have the proper card on file. To put your card on file, log in here. We will never have cleaning technicians ask for cash payment. Please report this kind of occurrence to management.
Windows both interior and exterior are not cleaned with the expectation of spot cleaning areas where finger prints occur near sliding doors and entrance doors.
Walls will not be cleaned from top to bottom. We will spot clean wall areas near light switches only depending on the paint of the wall.
Cleaning technicians will not move items heavier than 25lbs to avoid injury to their body. Cleaning technicians will move around small items and dust around them with the exception of chandeliers or the inside of China cabinets. If owner is interested in getting the interior of the china cabinets cleaned, they must remove the items themselves and put the items back once the clean is done.
No external junk will be hauled away by our cleaning technicians. Our cleaning technicians follow this rule “If it doesn’t fit into the clients household garbage cans, then it cannot be hauled out.” This also includes cluttered items with multiple trips to the trash bin. Please see the CANCELLATION section to see the fees associated with garbage and trash hauling.
We DO NOT ORGANIZE prior to cleaning on the scheduled cleaning day. Please help the cleaning technicians by picking up before the scheduled clean. Rooms that aren’t organized will be skipped. Organizing should be done prior to the arrival of the team to avoid added cleaning time fees. Fee’s are $50.00 per labor hour. Cleaning technicians have also Extras such as dishes, wiping down blinds, and appliances such as interior oven and interior refrigerator must be requested prior to arrival. Should you have an immediate request please call management at (925)237-1416 to add any of our extras provided. If Ready Maids Cleaning Services Inc. cannot accommodate your immediate request, it will have to be added to your next cleaning.
Standard Clean The extras will not be included in the standard clean. Dishes must be selected in the work order in order to be cleaned in the upcoming scheduled clean. Failure to select the Extra will result in skipping items not placed on work order.
Deep Standard Clean Is a more thorough cleaning of harder to reach areas in the home. Deep Standard Clean is applied to the first clean or “initial clean” in the case of the home not being serviced in over 4 weeks or one (1) month’s time. Should you (customer) feel the home is not in need of a deep standard clean, a walk-through of the home with a Ready Maids Cleaning Services Inc. representative must be done in order to waive the Deep Standard Clean from the initial clean. Bedding will be swapped so long as the new linens are available on bed or accessible cabinet. The cleaning technicians can only reach what is within reach of the use of the two-step ladder. Wiping down of small trinkets excluding China Cabinet materials or personal values the homeowner deems too valuable to touch. Ready Maids Inc. Will not be held responsible to items cleaned that the homeowner failed to mention in the work order. If items need to be left alone, please instruct management to place in the work order. Updates Our policies may be updated without the consent of the client or potential client. We will email clients with changes to job types, pricing, and staffing or rescheduling. By submitting a quote or signing up through our different avenues of landing pages, you are opting into receiving email content and marketing pieces. 


If you no longer want your clean done on the scheduled date and time, you must cancel the booking or send an email 24 hours prior to clean to avoid a $50.00 cancellation fee.
If you are unsatisfied with the cleaning, please call within 24 hours of the clean. Please accompany pictures and areas missed that are within the scope of cleaning. If management agrees that the cleaning was unsatisfactory within the scope of work for your home, we will come out and re-clean. If you elect to fore-go the re-clean, you can get a discount of up to 45% of the clean. WE DO NOT OFFER FULL REFUNDS!
Accidents happen from time to time. Should Ready Maids Cleaning Services Inc. Cleaning technicians break any items, a breakage report must be filled out and an internal review will be done. If the review shows fault from Ready Maids Cleaning Services Inc., we will fix our mistakes and replace items reported only.
If you would like to reschedule your cleaning, please call Ready Maids Inc. at (925)237-1416 or login to your account and change the cleaning dates that work for you.
We place a hold on the credit card the morning of the clean to ensure our employees get paid for their awesome work. This is not a charge, but ensures the fund are available to charge at the end of the day.
Our cleaning techs have the right to call management and reschedule if they feel uncomfortable or if the job is not ready to be cleaned. This will result in a cancellation fee of $50.00 to the card on file. Some examples include homes which have an abundance of unsanitary items such as feces, mold, rodents and animal droppings, etc. Management will decide the best option for the clean. Hoarding is another example of a home not “clean ready” as the home needs to be picked up prior to the teams arrival. We DO NOT ORGANIZE , we clean. Organizing should be done prior to the arrival of the team to avoid added cleaning time fees. Fee’s are $50.00 per labor hour.
Move-out or homes must be completely emptied (if not already staged) prior to the cleaning teams arrival. Failure to have the home “clean ready” will result in a reschedule, a $50.00 reschedule fee, and the cleaning technicians will not be able to clean the home. If Ready Maids Cleaning Services Inc. have reasonable suspicion that a client has cancelled cleaning services with us and is paying a current or former employee (within (1) one year) for cleaning services, home services, etc. relating to services rendered, Ready Maids Cleaning Services Inc. will apply a $2,500 charge to the cleaner for loss of client.