Unhealthy Air Quality in Your Area?

by readymaidsinc - November 20, 2018

   Tricks and efficient ways to preserve the air quality in your home.

     The Bay area has recently experienced distressing levels of pollutants in the air due to the tragic fires in Paradise California. Northern California and Southern California have been riddled with multiple fires this year which has heightened our concern for our health and safety. With the next round of fires seeming inevitable, here are a few tips to prepare your home to be sure your health is not compromised. Disclaimer: these are quick practical tips and Ready Maids Inc. did not conduct specific research for this. To get a better understanding, go to https://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq/indoor-air-pollution-introduction-health-professionals#ducts-cleaned


  • Check vents throughout your home. Have a professional air duct specialist inspect your home and check for buildups within your HVAC system. Clean them out using an air compressor (if available) or by vacuuming the filters. The best method for unlikely situations like these fires is to have brand new filters available if you cannot do the other steps mentioned above.


  • Vacuuming more frequently. Using a HEPA certified vacuum such as the Shark will decrease particles that have settled on your couches and floors. This will help particles from being redistributed back into the air, especially with your furry friends!


  • Masks. Although it may seem funny to some, the face mask (N95) is the best way to prevent you from breathing in the pollutants when you have to do your chores such as taking the garbage out. Obviously make sure to be quick on closing the door when going in or out.


  • Air purifiers. Have one or two around for specific rooms you spend the most time in. This is the easiest method to filter what’s already inside the home. Also, the air purifier is a better alternative  if you don’t want to wear a mask inside your house.




  • Plants… yes, plants. Kind of common sense when you think about it. Plants being the best natural option, can take in the Carbon Dioxide in the air and produce Oxygen to maximize your air quality. Warning, this does not completely mitigate the problem so it will be important to follow the other processes mentioned above.

It’s important that we take care of ourselves especially with a silent killer like air pollutants. This should be practiced especially those who are sensitive to the change in pollutant levels and others with respiratory problems. Everyone should be mindful how windows and doors that are opened and try not to leave from a well-ventilated area. Managing your health should be your priority so make sure to be prepared at a moments notice!


Stay safe.


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