Ever Wonder Why There’s a Price Range in Local Cleaning Services?

by readymaidsinc - October 30, 2018

You scroll through online services, calling around just to realize the quotes or estimates you receive are all over the place! Have you ever noticed the crazy ranges service providers charge when it comes to servicing your home?

We have made a list of 6 key items that contribute to pricing. Please use this as a reference when finding a house cleaner to take care of your home!

  • Cleaning staff or lack of staff. It is important to understand that certain companies want to pay living wages to their employees to perform the duties a cleaning company asks of them. If they are the only cleaners in the business, they can charge less.
  • Marketing. The most costly for house cleaning companies especially for those with a big team. Thousands of dollars per month is spend to find clients looking for the service we offer. Although it is free for clients to look you up on Google, Yahoo, etc., house cleaning companies like ours use marketing dollars to be relevant to your searches.
  • Insurances and being compliant in your state. Did you know certain companies have multiple forms of insurances? Workers compensation, general liability insurance, bonding for theft, etc. It is true, certain companies are willing to fork out more because they care about providing a quality service and are prepared for accidents. Those that don’t carry insurance have the ability to choose whether or not they carry insurance and that flexibility affects the rate they charge.
  • Level of cleaning. Time can also reflect how much one charges.  Cleaning can fluctuate based on hourly or flat rate. Each cleaning company has their preferred method because a standard process for a general clean and a deep clean have different prices associated with them. The more detailed and thorough, the pricier it will be!
  • Software for website, processing payments, scheduling, etc. With all businesses that tend to grow, the plan is to stay organized to simplify your customers day. For those who can only service five to ten houses on their own, this may not be important, but for companies looking to grow and service customers in the community, it is crucial to provide support or clarity when needed.
  • Training. Do you know what is being used in your house? Are you sensitive to certain products? Are the cleaners being safe while they clean your home? Training is an added expense that can prolong the health of the cleaner and others who may be in the home. It is important to stay up-to-date on training schedules and should be done once a quarter or every six months.

We hope the list above helps you understand pricing for the next time you need a house cleaner or local service provider in your area! These are general guidelines, but they are what make most companies stay in business!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, let us know if their is anything you’d like for us to discuss if it pertains to cleaning! Or if you have a question about booking a clean with us, send us a message below.

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