Booking help in 60 seconds!

by readymaidsinc - October 5, 2018


Hello Everyone! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives!

Ready Maids understands the struggle it is real to find an honest, reliable, dependable cleaning service aimed to help take the extra tasks off your plate so you can enjoy your time or better yet, a clean-fresh home. Sometimes, it is a headache to even think of hiring someone because you need to figure out who to call, when to book a walk-through, if you agree to the terms then filling out the paperwork for the agreement, scheduling a cleaning date, and setting up how you’ll pay. That’s a few trips to your house that involves time from your day.

With Ready Maids Inc., all we ask is that you take the 60 second booking challenge. If you need a clean and know the information of your house, visit the LINK HERE and click BOOK A CLEAN NOW, see if you can fill out the one-page with basic information about your needs… and DONE! Everything I stated above would be complete and you will have a team arrive during the requested time window. This goes for move-out cleans, recurring cleans, and deep cleans!

Don’t take our word for it, try it today! Click the link to get started.

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